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The Marquee Homes platform of Design, Build, Live, allows you to design and customize your home based on your needs and wants 

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Marquee Homes President

I started working in the construction industry in 1997, after years of working with builders that specialized in custom home buidling. In 2006 I founded Marquee Homes and did so on the premis that our homes be designed and built on functionality, quality and family in mind. Marquee Homes strives to provide quality custom homes and helps family's live their dreams across the Wasatch Front. For over a decade Marquee Homes has provided this. Marquee Homes Inc operates on a platform called Design, Build, Live. Providing you the opportunity to Design, Build and live in the home created specifically for their family. 

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Office: (801) 866-3060

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Office: (801) 866-3060

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